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Kobi Yehoshua 
an Industrial Designer & Project Manager

Design for me is a way to communicate and influence people I have never met.

Using material, texture, and color I tell the story of the product, about the form of use, the purpose, and the environment in which he lives.

Falling in love with an object is at first sight and prolonged use, so the thought of improving that first encounter and user experience always excites me.

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My starting point

"Always doubt the default"

Good products and good design are inseparable. 

The correct balance of function, shape, color, texture, and feel will lead to an accurate design.

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Clients & Collaborations

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צילום מסך 2019‏.12‏.05 ב‏
צילום מסך 2019‏.12‏.05 ב‏
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Beit Horon 

Rehavam Ze'evi

90935 ISRAEL

tel: +972-54-592-0226

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