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The pursuit of the next thing leads to the question: what is a “new thing”, is it

recognizable? Where is the line between the commonplace and the

unfamiliar? To what extent does it hide, allude, or call out “I am what you are

looking for״?

 – Love of What is New

In the project, I examined what an ״icon״ is and how it is fixed. As a strategy for changing the design paradigm of everyday products, I have experimented with deconstructing familiar programs and undermining their “truth” in order to

shake up the inertia of the icon and allow functional innovation and material wealth, and to promote the status of these products when they are not used.

logo 04 clean.png

Ironing Board







"Breaking down" the icon


Examination of the product from a configurative, materialistic and technological standpoint.
Maintaining the simplicity and stretching the balance between familiar and unrecognizable.

Justification of space

noun_living room_254087.png

With the transition to living in small spaces
there is a need to use ״smart home real estate״ to utilize the given space to its fullest extent.

Improve user experience


Analyzing the user experience, by clarifying and improving weaknesses and strengthening strengths
in order to give the user satisfaction



Shorten product usage time
Whether during "preparation" or during actual use



  • clumsy

  • Cheap materials

  • At the end of use, the ironing

  • dangerous

  • Preparations and time

  • board is punished by returning

       to its corner.

  • Simple object

  • complicated object

  • folding board

  • leaning against the wall

iron + render + induction.png

Render box




These ironing tools enhance the beauty of the room by their new unrecognizable look and allow easier operation. 

Induction iron board

opening iron board-Camera 1.154.png
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