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Projects from various fields of study and experience

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A smartwatch to control a variety of IOT products with gestures as a new adapted input means. 



Minimalist pencil extension for

maximum pencil use.
Born out of the personal need for an everyday functional product.

Sleek - Pencil Extender

kobi yehoshua 6.jpg

Neopiliha- Kettle

With the transition to living in small spaces, there is a need to use ״smart home real estate״ to utilize the given space to its fullest extent. The Neopiliha- Kettle is designed to use as less space as possible with a technological up grade. 


Examination of the product from a configurative, materialistic and technological standpoint. Maintaining the simplicity and stretching the balance between familiar and unrecognizable.

Neopiliha- Iron Board

keyshot radiator 0710.png

Neopiliha- Radiator

Analyzing the user experience, by clarifying and improving weaknesses and strengthening strengths in order to give the user satisfaction


Slow Bar

Inspired by "Fast Slow Food"
The "Slow Bar" holds all the values of "Slow Food"

with the benefits of "Fast Food"

22-Camera office capsel.jpg

Office capsule

It has a facility of two office capsules with the function of rising above the ground to reach a private space in the urban environment, according to the spirit of the encounter. This dynamic chair layout enables a change of sitting: in front, facing each other or sitting side by side.

yy hlef.png


Modular sofa - as a visual equalizer of the mood of a couple.

Every relationship begins with curiosity, attraction and a desire to try something new. A relationship between a couple is dynamic and not everything is always sweet, Sometimes there are power games. However, the "game" is what strengthens the couple and makes them stronger.

untitled-Camera 11.202.jpg


This folding bicycle is for short distances. It folds to a quarter of the open position with a quick closing mechanism.

It as an aluminum frame to make it lighter.


pic of first screen for web.jpg

Volkswagen Fridge

Fridge inspired from the Volkswagen transporter 

shash bash 8 OPEN FULLY-Camera

Backgammon Coffee

By unifying the backgammon game with a coffee set for the home environment it attempts to convey the feeling of a break in the natural surroundings into the domestic space.


A number of short projects developed as a result of an intuitive design process

Rapid Design

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